4 ParaPost Taper Lux Drills

4 ParaPost Taper Lux Drills

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ParaPost Taper Lux Drill

The ParaPost Taper Lux system is ideal for metal-free high aesthetic restorations.

Thanks to their cylindrical-conical design, the posts are particularly suitable for narrow canals where protection of sound tooth structure is absolutely key.

ParaPost Taper Lux Posts are available in four different sizes and compatible with tapered ParaPost Drills.

  • 4 % tapered design provides a good apical fit with greater taper file technique
  • Translucent, light-transmitting for fast on-command cementation
  • Three head design for easy post length adjustment
  • Rounded undercut head shape for optimal core retention
  • Four colour-coded sizes

(1pc of Each Size #4.5, #5, #5.5, #6)