Perforated strips 3.75mm wide 3 each type 9’s Kit (WIDE)

Perforated strips 3.75mm wide 3 each type 9’s Kit (WIDE)

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Perforated Diamond Strips are designed for complete control during interproximal stripping, shaping, and contouring. Strips allow easy access and precise manual enamel reduction resulting in a smooth, natural finish. Perforated design provides improved visibility, total control, and more flexibility than solid lightning strips. Strips are color coded; yellow for extra fine, red for fine, and blue for medium.

Single sided and color coded
Stainless steel with diamond coating
Uncoated center gateway segment
Wide = 3.75mm
3 grits: medium (45 micron), fine (30 micron), extra-fine (15 micron)
Length: 147mm
Autoclavable up to 270ºF/132ºC
Includes: 3x extra fine, 3x fine, 3x medium