Air Sanitizer Bioxigen MAIA (Type C)

Air Sanitizer Bioxigen MAIA (Type C)

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Bioxigen is the only natural system that improves the quality of indoor air. It guarantees and controls over time the maximum efficiency of the system by reducing bacteria, airborne dust, mold, odors and many other chemical pollutants normally present in the air.
Bioxigen? technology releases active ions removing continuously airborne microbials and reductions of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air environment and surfaces; reproduces in indoor areas the disinfection phenomenon that naturally takes place outside, with no chemical additives in a continuous and controlled way, ensuring the well-being to people.
Benefits of MAIA:
– Efficient antibacterial effect
– An healthier environment: inactivation of moulds
– Removal of smells and of the harmful pollutants present in indoor environments
– More well-being and health for people
– Dimensions mm: 335 L x 110 P x 85H
– Weight kg: 1.3
– Air Flow m?/h: 40
– Comsumption: 6 W
– Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
– Color: White